Master Epay

Traditional e-mail has the confidentiality level of a postcard. It can be easily read by anybody that is involved in its transport over the Web. MasterEpost which is powered by regimail offers a system for trusted and binding e-mail communication & digital postal mail.

Attractive to a wide user base:

regimail variants

The following table shows you the two different regimail account types:

Feature regimail professional regimail private
send regimail: max. 200 transactions each month max. 10 transactions each month *1
read regimail, regipay, regibill: unlimited unlimited
notifications by e-mail: yes yes
transaction-history: yes no
reminder: yes yes
representatives: yes no
e-mail adresses in each account: max. 5 max. 2
authentication : yes yes
sponsoring-message: no yes, while reading and writing *2
pricing: fair-flat (pricing differs) free of charge

*1) only for non-commercial usage. At commercial usage, sending is only allowed for one user each company.

*2) not displayed while reading regipay messages.

How it works

The user may read and write secure e-mails on the web portal (no download) or alternatively, they may use the regify client software. It is available as an add-In for Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes, BlackBerry and as a standalone version. These options ensure that the user can use the service as they want.

Step 1: sending
regify encrypts an e-mail (message text, attachments) and compresses it before it will be sent as an ordinary e-mail with an attachment. This attachment is a regify file with the encrypted contents of the original e-mail. The respective encryption key is securely transmitted to the regify clearing service via MasterEpay.

Step 2: receiving
The addressee of a regify e-mail can open it either on the web portal (software download is not necessary) or with their regify client software. This is as simple as, for example, opening a pdf file with Acrobat Reader. Together with the clearing service, the regify service ensures that the recipient is the right person and will then transfer the key. As a result, the recipient can open the secured file and can display or store its contents.

Step 3: confirmation of receipt
Upon delivery of the key, the regify service will notify the clearing service. Then, the clearing service will notify MasterEpay who in return will notify the sender about the delivery of the secured file. Confirmation of receipt is recorded independent of the notification e-mails.