Master Epay

How It Works

Register with MasterEpay & download the regify software, simply add your employees chosen email address to their details & add an email field to your print template. Invite employees to use the service and instead of printing the payslips you simply email it to all those who choose to receive their payslips in this manner. Employees are not forced to use the service. If they do not have an email address they could choose to receive a payslip mailer instead or continue with the way they currently receive their payslip.

At all stages the email is secure, and can only be accessed by the recipient.

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In more detail: Technology

The masterepay service is powered by regify technology. regify enables the only network solution for secure and binding e-mail-communication and electronic post. Whereas many vendors narrowly define "secure e-mail" as encrypted e-mail, regify's comprehensive solution includes features such as confirmation of receipt and an auditable web-based tracking log of the transactions. regify elevates ordinary e-mail to the level of a registered electronic letter.

  1. When the sender clicks register & send in their email, the regify software encrypts and merges the text message and payslip attachment into a regify file that is then attached to an ordinary e-mail.
  2. The message key and hash code of the regify file and the subject of the message are then sent to MasterEpay's server held with Cloud9.
  3. MasterEpay relays the message key and hash code to the regify clearing service. The sender & recipient-mail addresses are transmitted in an anonymous form for added security.
  4. An e-mail with the encrypted payslip as an attachment is automatically sent from the employer to the employee. The private e-mail addresses of the employees are used.
  5. The encrypted payslip is received as an attachment to an email and opens with the regify software. The employee opens the attachment with a double click (like a PDF document)
  6. The regify Client software must be installed and be configured only once to ensure that the service runs smoothly everytime.
    1. In the background the regify software processes automatically takes care of the authentication of the employee by the provider, so that the key can be received, which immediately allows the attachment to open.
  7. The message key will be used to decrypt the regify file, allowing the recipient to view the message and their payslip attachment
  8. Finally MasterEpay will notify the sender with an e-mail confirming receipt. Senders will be able to view all their transaction on the MasterEpay online portal which will show them the status of all transactions.