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Commonly asked questions and our answers to help you along.

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Q & A – The Complete Payslip Service

  1. Why would I want the option of sending payslips via secure email?
    1. Sending e-payslips will not only save your company money by eliminating the cost of postage & printing but it will also save you time as you no longer need to fold then stuff envelopes.

      With the click of a button the payslip is sent instantly and securely to the employees chosen email address. You will be alerted when the e-payslip has been acknowledged and unlike paper payslips there is no fear of the personal information falling in to the wrong hands.
  2. Do I have to change over all my employees to an e payslip in one go?
    1. No. You can phase in any changes over a period. You can give your employees the choice of a paper or digital payslip. Anybody can try one type and then switch back easily to the other if they wish. They can even have both!
  3. Why can I not just send the payslip via a normal email system?
    1. Every day email systems will not send the payslip securely. The information in a payslip is extremely sensitive and needs to be protected. Our MasterEpay system will not only make your e-payslips compliant with Data Protection Act but it will also encrypt the message for its entire journey until opened.
  4. How will payslips printed on a self-seal mailer benefit our company?
    1. Self-seal mailers cut the amount of paper used to send a paper payslips down by up to 50%, it is a one piece sheet of a4 sized paper which when folded in half becomes its own envelope.

      Some employees may not have an email address so they will be unable to receive e-payslips. With this in mind the complete payslip services enables you the option to send a paper payslip to these employees who do not have access to an email address but will still keep the amount of paper used down to a minimum.

      Unlike other payslip mailers our Mastermailer ones does not require any expensive sealing machines to seal them. You simple print the details on them using most laser printers and then fold by hand and press with finger pressure to create a secure seal ready for posting. The security tabs around the outside of our mailers make it obvious if someone has tried to tamper with the payslip adding an element of security.
  5. I am a small company working to tight margins, I cannot afford to make an upfront capital investment how can you help me?
    1. The MasterEpay service is designed to work with your current payroll software and email server so there is no capital investment. There is no hardware to buy you simply plug in & go!
  6. How will it benefit my employees, I am not sure if they will want to change how they receive their payslip?
    1. The complete payslip service gives your employees a choice; they can choose to have the mailer payslip or an e-payslip or even both. The service is completely flexible so if at any point they want to change back they have the option to do so easily.

      All employees are concerned about the confidentiality of their payslips; if they choose to use the e-payslip service they can be assured that their payslip will only be received by them to their chosen email address and protected by a password.

      Being green and helping the environment is an important factor for many people. Both the payslip mailer & e-payslip will help to save the amount of paper used in comparison to the traditional paper payslip and envelope method. The e-payslip is 100% paper free so this will obviously have the biggest impact when it comes to saving paper.
  7. How long will it take to get up & running?
    1. No integration of software is needed so the set up is simple. You can usually be up and running within minutes once you have all the details needed to configure the software.
  8. You are a mailer company really. You don't have any IT experience
    1. We understand payslips and our epayslip service is run and supported under contract by two world class experts, one in secure email networks and the other a well established IT managed service provider.