Master Epay

Benefits of using MasterEpay

It can save paper, time and money whilst giving employees a modern solution to receiving their payslip. It can work alongside your current software such as Sage.

Save time and money

The cost to send a payslip using MasterEpay is considerably less than traditional paper methods.

Not only is it cheaper, it also saves a great deal of time which in itself is a significant money saver, freeing up more time to do other vital tasks.

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Employer benefits

  • Full audit trail
  • Secured delivery
  • Upgrades your current payroll software
  • No capital investment
  • Help towards becoming a paperless office
  • Legally compliant with the data protection act
  • Easy to use – for any office user
  • Binding – confirmation of receipt

Employee Benefits

  • No paperwork to file
  • Helps the environment
  • No need to log on to different websites or create a user ID
  • Easily find past payslips
  • Choice of either a paper payslip or e-payslip
  • Guaranteed secure delivery to your email
  • Choose the email address it is sent to
  • View with a smartphone – payslip is in your pocket!