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Why It's Different

The new EU directive makes the use of a digital signature redundant. Under the new EU Directive all electronic invoicing solutions must ensure that the identity of the sender of an invoice and the integrity of the invoice itself can be validated for a 10 year period. In addition, the invoice itself must be readable within this period. The MasterEbill service secures that in an easy and cost effective way.

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Why it's different; more:

Legal & fiscal burden of proof is provided by regibill through:
Ensuring the identity of the sender; validation of the integrity of the invoice itself; providing readability and automatic validation for a 10 year period.

Existing e-mail address
Service uses the existing e-mail infrastructure and works with any existing e-mail account.

Maximum reach
Any addressee with an e-mail address can be reached.

Confidentiality upon demand
Choice between unencrypted (regibill standard) and encrypted variant (regibill premium) at the same price level.

Ease of use
For regibill standard no need for registration of the recipient.

regibill is interoperable with all storage solutions, billing formats and suitable for all user groups.

Huge cost savings potential
100% savings on printing and logistic costs.

Usable world wide
regify technology works on the basis of global patents and is supplied by an international
worldwide provider network.