Master Epay

Who's It For?

All companies looking for an electronic way to send all bills.

With the implementation of EU directive 2010/45/EU into national law, electronic bills must be treated as equal to paper ones. Electronic bills include ones that are transferred by e-mail, by EDI procedure, as a PDF or text file, by computer telefax or fax server (not standard telefax) or by data medium exchange.

Which variants does MasterEbill offer?

regibill standard:
The unencrypted variant is suitable for bills that do not have to be treated as confidential. This variant meets all the necessary legal requirements by ensuring the sender’s identity and the integrity of the bill can be checked at any time. For this variant the recipient does not need a regify account.

regibill premium:
The encrypted variant is suitable for bills, which need to be treated confidentially. In addition this variant encrypts the bills end-to-end. The issuer of the bills also receives a confirmation of receipt. For that variant the recipient must have a regify account.

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