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What happens next?

We will get in touch with you shortly to begin the next stage of the process, outlined below;

1. Complete the online registration form on this page.

2. You will receive an invitation by e-mail containing your username & password. Please keep this safe.

3. Within the invitation email is a link to download the regify client software. Click accept invitation and terms of use.

4. You will be taken to the download and login page. Click Download

5. Download the regify client software by simply following the wizard guide step by step.

6. You are now registered with regify and will be able to send and receive secured email.

7. For MasterEbill users the next step is to install the regibill software. MasterEpay will email you with a link to download the software.

8. To complete the installation process you will need your username and password, an unlock code which is sent via SMS and you SMTP server details.