Master Epay

How It Works

Register with MasterEbill and download the regibill software, simply add an email address field to the bill print template within your accounting software. To send confidential bills you will need to invite the recipients to register with regify in order for them to receive and open the secured bills

How does MasterEbill meet the legal and pre-tax allowance criteria?

Ensures identity of the sender of an invoice: Was the bill actually issued by the sender’s company? MasterEbill registers the billing party on a one-off basis using their value added tax identification number and tax number. This means that the identity of the sender can be validated.

Validation of the integrity of the bill: The integrity check can be validated for the legally required 10 year period either manually or automatically at any time. In order to do this an electronic fingerprint of the bill in PDF/A format is created and saved at an independent “clearing” house.

In more detail: technology

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In more detail: Technology

The MasterEbill service is powered by regify technology; regibill

How a regibill document is created – the conversion process

  1. The sender starts the conversion process with a PDF document (produced as standard by the invoicing software). Initially regibill will examine the complete document. A PDF document consists of multiple objects (text, images etc.).
  2. The regify software then generates a fingerprint (hashcode) of all the content using all the objects contained therein.
  3. A random document key is generated that encrypts the document fingerprint.
  4. The fingerprint is transmitted to MasterEpay.
  5. Upon successful authentication of the sender a regibill digest is created,
  6. This contains the encrypted document fingerprint, the sender’s full name, the sender’s organization, the current date/time, format and version information and information about MasterEpay the provider (Name, URL)
  7. A fingerprint of the regibill digest (hashcode) is created.
  8. The random document key and the regibill digest fingerprint are encrypted using the public key of the regify clearing service.
  9. The encrypted data including the e-mail address of the addressee are sent to MasterEpay,
  10. MasterEpay transfers the information anonymously to the regify clearing service.
  11. The regify clearing service decrypts the document key and the regibill digest fingerprint and stores this information in its database.
  12. MasterEpay receives a transaction id and informs the regify software that registration has been successful.
  13. The new PDF/A is now a regibill document and is sent to the recipient by ordinary e-mail (unencrypted or encrypted).