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Commonly asked questions and our answers to help you along.

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Q & A – The Complete Payslip Service

  1. How much would it cost to set up our end/will it be quite straightforward?
    1. Set up is free and simple! Firstly you need to register with regify - we will send you an invitation by email which will include your username & password, you will click on the link in the email which will then take you to the regify download page. Follow a few steps in the wizard guide to download & register with regify. Then you need to download the MasterEbill (regibill) desktop which again is a case of following a few simple steps through a wizard guide and configuring your email (we can talk you through this process). Finally you need to add an email address field to your invoice print layout so the recipients email address shows on the invoice - this can be anywhere and any size on the invoice.
  2. Will the recipient be able to see that it is us sending the invoice?
    1. The e-invoice will come direct from your email address and you are able to add a personalised message for each recipient as well.
  3. Will I be able to view all of the invoices that I send online?
    1. MasterEbill is simply the delivery method - it does not store the invoices online to be viewed. It does however store a fingerprint of each invoice sent for 10 years to show the integrity of the invoice which is now required by law.
  4. Will my customer be able to retrieve their invoices online?
    1. The invoice will not be able to be retrieved online with MasterEbill standard - the invoice will be sent direct to the recipient in an attachment to the message. The recipient can then open this instantly to view the invoice and choice to print or save as normal. The recipient will be able to validate the invoice online for the required 10 years.
  5. Monthly Prices
    1. We charge per transaction and this price varies depending on monthly volumes
  6. What special features does it give us?
    1. Invoices sent legally compliant with the new EU Directive 2010/45/EU
    2. Online validation available on demand for 10 years as legally required
    3. Choice between unencrypted (regibill standard) and encrypted variant (regibill premium) at the same price level.
    4. Instant delivery to the recipients chosen inbox
  7. We would want the option of sending some invoices securely is this possible and how much does it cost?
    1. Yes this would be available through regibill premium which gives you the option to send the invoices secured, the recipient would need to be registered with regify in order to open the secured invoice. The price for regibill premium is the same as regibill standard.