Master Epay

MasterEbill is powered by regibill  - a legally compliant solution for electronic billing. Meeting the legal requirements for authentication of the sender and integrity of the bill without requiring digital signatures or certificates, it works with the ISO standardised PDF/A-Format and sends the document by e-mail allowing the sender to therefore reach the maximum number of users. MasterEbill also supports structures, where processes like billing are usually outsourced to third party suppliers.

The new EU Directive 2010/45/EU (due to be implemented in the UK by end 2012) sets the conditions for legally binding electronic invoicing. This will save costs, speed up the payment process and make cross-border invoicing much easier. However, electronic bills must fulfill certain criteria regarding legal compliance and pre-tax allowances. MasterEbill meets these central requirements for electronic billing:

Legally compliant in the EU ( EU Directive 2010/45/EU)

Enables simple billing processes that allow immediate cost savings

Works with existing invoicing solutions

Can be sent and received to/from any e-mail address

Option to be sent secured

regibill standard:
The unencrypted variant is suitable for bills that do not have to be treated as confidential. This variant meets all the necessary legal requirements by ensuring the sender's identity and the integrity of the bill can be checked at any time. For this variant the recipient does not need a regify account.

regibill premium:
The encrypted variant is suitable for bills, that need to be treated confidentially. In addition this variant encrypts the bills end-to-end. The issuer of the bills also receives a confirmation of receipt. For that variant the recipient must have a regify account.

How does MasterEbill meet the legal and pre-tax allowance criteria?
Ensures identity of the sender of an invoice: Was the bill actually issued by the sender's company? regibill registers the billing party on a once-off basis using their value added tax identification number and tax number. This means that the identity of the sender can be validated.

Validation of the integrity of the bill:
The integrity check can be validated for the legally required 10 year period either manually or automatically at any time. In order to do this an electronic fingerprint of the bill in PDF/A format is created and saved at an independent "clearing" house.