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Master epay, epost & ebill – The complete document delivery solution!

Friday, June 28th, 2013

Accounting for the costs spent on stamps for sending documents, (recorded delivery in some cases), in addition to the cost of paper to produce payslips, invoices, and other important documents and also the cost of ink; master epay can really assist your company in saving time & money by enhancing your current payroll and invoicing and postal systems.

Epay provides secure emailed epaysips direct to your employees inbMC900442007ox, no having to log in to a portal to receive their payslips and with fully secure encrypted technology powered by regify they can be assured their payslip is safe. The technology behind it all is very clever and the way it bolts on and works with your current payroll software even more so. Instead of sending your payslips to the printer you send them to the epay file and send. You can send epayslips for as little as 21p per payslip.

Ebill works very similarly to epay, the technology and security behind it is the same. Due to the level of security it leaves a full audit trail and complies with current EU legislation. Saving on costs of posting out invoices which, on average it costs 62p to produce and send 1 invoice. For those who do email their invoices out but not securely you will now be able to adhere to audit requirements as master ebill ensures the identity of the sender of the invoice and validates the integrity of the invoice. You can send your invoices by master ebill for as little as 21p.

Epost is a bit like opting for special delivery when you send an important document but without the associated costs, it can be used as a “cloud” option where you can log in online and send your encrypted secure mail and attached files, you can also add the technology to your microsoft outlook, mozilla thunderbird, MAC OS, blackberry, iphone and android devices with our “add-on” and send it like a normal email, attach documents like you would in a normal email but when you hit send you can chose the send button with the regify technology which then encrypts it so that only the intended recipient will be able to read it. The benefits compared with a postal special delivery is that anyone at the address where the recipient can sign for a document and could potentially open and read it where as with our epost that wouldn’t be able to happen. Not to mention the huge cost savings. For example a standard letter would cost 60p 1st class, £1.70 1st class signed for and £6.22 for special next day delivery (tracked) and this would guarantee it would reach the recipient by 1pm the following day. With master epost it takes just seconds to reach your recipient and a fraction of the cost, we offer epost bundles where you can buy 200 master eposts a month for £2.50, a fraction of the cost of sending special delivery and if you have a number of special delivery items per week or month it will save you a lot of money and time.

If you would like Master epay to go through our services in more detail and give a free cost comparison to see what we could save compared with your current paper system then please get in touch.
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