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What affect could the Royal Mail privatisation have on your business?

Friday, July 19th, 2013

The answer is a big and disruptive affect.

In the run up to the privatisation there is a high likelihood of strike action against the move, thus causing mail disruption to businesses all over the UK.532956_69973082

After privatisation has taken place it is thought that prices may rise and usual routes of delivery could be affected (e.g. talk of some rural areas not receiving post like usual but having to travel to the nearest town/village to collect their post).

Both of the above would cause huge disruption and extra costs to your business. Switching now for your payslips, invoices and secured mail to master epay will not only guarantee that your recipient receive their payslips, invoices and secure documents within moments but that they will be sent fully secure and encrypted so that only the intended recipient can open them.

So the affect of the royal mail privatisation on businesses doesn’t have to be huge at all, in fact it needn’t have any affect if you use master epay for your secure mail delivery.