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About Us

We have specialised in payslips for over 10 years through our sister company Mastermailer stationery.  Mastermailer supplies secure finger seal mailers which are great for payslips as not only are they tamper proof but they do not require an envelope which helps contribute towards a paperless office.

With sales of over 2 million each month the mailer payslip is a popular alternative to the traditional paper payslip. However we were aware that more people were looking for a completely paperless solution and knew the best option would be to offer a digital service.

In our search for a digital e-pay service we investigated many different types of software solutions.

The majority of e-pay systems require the employee to retrieve their payslip from an external portal using a user name & password.  A traditional payslip is pushed to the employee either through the post or in the work place. We didn’t want to offer a service which would change that.

We decided a secured email based service which sends the employee their payslip direct to their chosen email address would be the best solution.  This would then replicate a traditional payslip as it is ‘pushed’ to the employee. 

Regular email systems do not send attachments securely. We had to therefore find a software solution which would add a secured email facility quickly and simply to any payroll applications software.

In addition to a secured delivery system we were looking for:

  • automatic confirmation of message receipt and opening
  • compliance with all HR and data protection legislation
  • a fully networked and scalable service
  • a full and comprehensive audit trail
  • a ‘pay as you use’ service with minimal up front costs
  • no integration needed with any applications software – no risks – no costs!
  • Choice for employees – mailer or epayslip – or both!

We are delighted to be using Regify, the Luxembourg-based global provider of network solutions for trusted and binding e-mail and digital postal services. Regify ticks all the above boxes and more so! We can guarantee our customers 100% security when emailing payslips direct to their employees chosen email address. 

We are the first Service Provider to licence and offer the Regify technology in the UK.

Together with the Mastermailer payslip the Master epay service powered by Regify  can now offer our customers a real choice when it comes to sending out payslips.

The Complete Payslip Service!