Master Epay

RTI done? Consider master epay – simple, secure, cost effective epayslip soluton!

Monday, May 13th, 2013

With UK businesses having to heavily invest in their payroll software for the RTI “switch over”, which comes at a time when businesses are trying to reduce their costs, epayslips by master epay is an option to really consider. If you have been reviewing or have already reviewed you current software this is not another expensive switch over. With master epay it is simply a bolt on to your current payroll solution, which allows you to send fully secure epayslips directly to your employees email, we can either install it remotely for you or come to your workplace. There is no need to invest heavily in a portal as master epay uses regify technology which cuts out the need for a portal so no costly set up costs.

Benefits of master epay:

Endorsements speak for themselvesblog

We have already been endorsed by Bond team spirit a leading provider of modular yet integrated HR, Payroll and Time & Attendance software. Roger Moore, General Manager of Bond Teamspirit “As one of the UK’s leading suppliers of fully integrated Payroll, HR and Time and Attendance software, we are extremely vigilant to bring to market only those products and services which we know are strictly compliant, and above all totally secure. For some time now, we have been seeking a truly secure email facility which fully meets our standards of complete end-to-end security. MasterEpay meets all of our strict security criteria and we are keen to offer the service to both our existing clients and to any other organisation who wishes to add this facility to their existing payroll environment.” (Personel today)

How to get started?

If you would like to discuss setting up master epay then please contact us. We offer a 3 month free trial period for those that would prefer to see how it all works first.